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New to the GRANIT range: improved weed brushes with braided bristles


With the arrival of spring, weeds are also starting to make a reappearance on paths and other paved areas. Manual cleaning of joints is tedious, and out of the question when carrying out street cleaning. The use of weed killer is prohibited on paved areas, so the only option is to use heavy equipment. But what can you do with smaller areas or hard-to-reach places where the use of large machines is out of the question? GRANIT has the solution.


The premium conical brushes from GRANIT for removing weeds are a fast and environmentally friendly alternative for cleaning grass pavers, kerbs, paved areas and other hard-to-reach places. The brushes can be mounted on all commercially available brushcutters, and remove harmful plants effectively, quickly and without the use of chemicals. With long-lasting results.

The improved conical brushes with braided bristles from GRANIT offer your customers many other advantages. The weight is reduced by up to 15% which, together with the stronger abrasion, means that less effort is required. This makes work much easier. The steeper braid angle also means that loose stones and objects are not thrown as far, which significantly reduces the risk of falling stones during use. In addition, the braids now wear more evenly, resulting in a significantly longer service life. The smoother running also protects the brushcutter's gearbox. Thanks to the clamping height reduced to 3.5 mm, the brushes can now be easily mounted using the original brushcutter attachments.


The new GRANIT weed brushes make the otherwise unpopular task of cleaning joints much easier. Further information and our entire range of GRANIT weed brushes for fast, sustainable and efficient cleaning can be found in the GRANIT webshop.


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