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Digitalization is making its way into specialist workshops. With its help, technically highly complex machines can be repaired and the efficiency of one's own operation can be increased. At GRANIT we offer you a wide range of products in the field of workshop equipment to set up your personal workshop 4.0. Highlights for the workshop in the GRANIT range are the intelligent filling stations from Tecalemit. With the HDM eco series, you get a state-of-the-art system. Equipped with the fuel management system HDA eco, all relevant data can be easily read out using software and a USB interface. Optionally, a data connection is also possible via LAN, WLAN, GPRS or UMTS.

GRANIT offers the filling stations in two performance levels. The HDM 60 eco column delivers up to 55 litres per minute. The more powerful HDM 80 eco variant achieves a flow rate of up to 75 litres per minute. Both systems have one tap each and comply with the technical regulations for flammable liquids (TRbF). They are additionally equipped with a drip tray as well as leakage monitoring. However, the filling station HDM eco only realizes its full potential with Tecalemit's cloud-based tank data management. The myTecalemit software, which is available as an annual subscription, offers not only the complete recording and logging of all filling processes and levels, but also alarm messages and service instructions. In this way, the diesel consumption of the last few months can be easily compared with one another or the tank contents can be checked. If desired, you can also have new tank loads ordered automatically via myTecalemit.

With the help of the device-independent software, you always have an overview of all of the data, whether in the office or on the road. At the same time, encryption ensures secure and reliable access to your data. You will see that thanks to the intuitive user interface, the operation of Tecalemit's software is also quite simple.


Find out more about Tecalemit filling stations now in the GRANIT webshop or get advice from our workshop equipment experts.

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