With weeding technology from K.U.L.T., you can meet tomorrow's demand today.


The use of conventional plant protection products is becoming increasingly difficult as stricter regulations are being introduced in many places. This increases uncertainty among farmers. Can plant protection products still be used? Is a high yield even guaranteed without using herbicides? With weeding technology from K.U.L.T., you can provide support for your customers in the face of these questions.


Mechanical weed control has already proven itself in organic farming as an alternative to chemical weed control. The demand for alternatives such as this is also increasing in conventional agriculture. With the finger weeders from German manufacturer K.U.L.T., GRANIT is pleased to offer a range of environmentally friendly weed control products.


The finger weeders are designed to remove weeds from crop rows. They are used to process the spaces between individual plants (which conventional weeders cannot reach). All finger weeders from K.U.L.T. can be retrofitted to existing weeders so that existing equipment can continue to be used.

The stone-proof plastic fingers are wear-resistant, and available in three hardness levels and sizes. This means that there is the right finger weeder for all crops and all aggressiveness requirements. The large finger weeders are suitable for maize, strawberries and cabbage. The medium-sized models are used for sugar beet and soya beans, among other things. The small finger weeders are used for salad and tree cuttings. 700 and 1000 mm versions are also available for viticulture and fruit cultivation.

The colour of the K.U.L.T. finger weeders indicates the level of hardness. Orange stands for soft, yellow for medium and red for hard. This means that even light soils or sensitive crops (such as squash or maize) can be easily processed using the orange weeder, while aggressive weeds can be easily removed without pesticides using the red weeder.

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